Long-Term Care Providers Endorse Glenn H. Gruenhagen

Bloomington, MN August 2014 - CARE-PAC, the political action committee for Care Providers of Minnesota, recently endorsed Glenn H. Gruenhagen for re-election to the Minnesota House of Representatives in District 18B.  Gruenhagen's support and interest in long-term care was the primary reason he earned the CARE-PAC endorsement.

"Our dedicated long-term care professionals are proud to support Glenn H. Gruenhagen" said Patti Cullen, President and CEO of Care Providers of MN.  "Glenn understands our state's long-term care issues and he has a deep commitment to maintaining Minnesota's reputation for high-quality long term health care."

Cullen stated "the greatest opportunity for long-term care services and supports for seniors is the support of our elected officals to commit to funding the needs of our seniors so that providers can continue to provide the quality of care that our seniors deserve and expect."

"The state of Minnesota should ensure that all aging MInnesotans receive safe and quality care from experienced caregivers. Nursing homes, assisted living settings and home care providers struggle to hire experienced, quality caregivers in their settings due in part to the low wages and benefits they are able to offer given inadequate state funding. Caregivers are the cornerstone to providing quality care for Minnesota's seniors.  It is up to lawmakes to invest in these jobs and the caregiving profession by supporting and passing rate increases that pay for the long term care services and supports that senior's need.  We are excited to endorse Glenn H. Gruenhagen to continue supporting caregivers and quality care and to continue our partnership with elected officials into the future."  

Established in 1947, Care Providers of Minnesota is a non-profit membership association with the mission to "Empower Members to Performance Excellence".  Our 800+ members across Minnesota represent non-profit and for-profit organizations providing services along the full spectrum of care.  We are the state affiliate for the American Health Care Association/National Center for Assisted Living, and with our national partners we provide solutions for quality care.  For more information on Care Providers of Minnesota, visit www.careproviders.org.