Glenn on the Issues

The Republican Party Platform holds the keys to many of the problems facing us as a state and nation. Polls show that a majority of Minnesotans agree with our platform on the major issues. They believe that government has grown too large, too wasteful and too intrusive. The following are my positions on the critical issues facing Minnesota.

Liberty & Private Property

As stated in our Declaration of Independence, I believe that our rights come from God and not from man or government. These rights are unalienable and the right to private property is the cornerstone of our freedom and free market economic system. These principles are reiterated in the preamble of the Minnesota Constitution:

“We the people of the State of Minnesota, grateful to God for our civil and
religious liberties and desiring to perpetuate its blessings and
secure the same to ourselves and our posterity,
do ordain and establish this Constitution.”

Right to Life

The most basic and fundamental right which comes from God is the right to life. I am pro life from conception to natural death. When a nation aborts 50 million of its own children it is not only morally reprehensible, but also leads to severe economic consequences.

Jobs & Taxes

High taxes and government regulations make it difficult for MN businesses to prosper, create jobs and compete globally.  Therefore:

  • We must reform government regulations and reduce taxes on businesses and families
  • The legislature must balance its budget without tax increases and live within its means
  • Several state agencies and boards could be eliminated or combined, saving taxpayers millions of dollars.


Healthcare Reform

Healthcare for Minnesotans must be one of our top priorities by choosing private healthcare reform not continuing with Obama Care and MNSure which has left 16,000 low income applicants without healthcare coverage.

Obama Care has failed and simply doesn't work for Minnesota.  During the startup process, 1,600 Minnesotans had their private information compromised and 280,000 were forced off health plans they chose with doctors they liked.   In addition, premium rates for women are increasing by over 40 percent.  Over the next three years Obama Care will cost Minnesota Schools an estimated $200 million. 

True health care reform will lower premiums by increasing private insurance competition across state lines.  Innovation and competition are necessary to lower health care costs and improve access for patients.  We can provide solutions that work.

"The doctor patient relationship should be freed from the micro management of government under MNSure and Obama Care."



We need to protect the environment, however I would oppose any form of a Cap and Trade scheme, which if implemented will only drive up energy costs for our families and businesses and will do nothing to protect the environment. The theory that man is causing global warming is based on faulty science and is designed to enrich the few at the expense of the many.


All forms of alternative energy must prove to be economically viable before widespread implementation across this state. We must build new nuclear power plants and utilize clean coal technology, along with expanded use of natural gas. Our country has the resources to become energy independent.


As a fiscally conservative public school board member for 16 years I played a major role when the Glencoe Silver Lake school board and administration turned a $750,000 debt into more than a $4.5 million surplus without a major tax increase.  This has kept school property taxes at a very low rate for families, businesses, and farms, while still providing a strong academic program. As your state representative:

  • I will continue to support strong academic programs in our public schools in a fiscally responsible way.
  • I will work to close the gap in educational funding for rural schools.
  • Because I believe that parents are the primary educators of their children, I support public, charter, private, and home schools.



Minnesota livestock and crop farmers are among the world’s most productive and efficient food producers.  I will adamantly and publicly oppose any global warming scheme that would impose a tax on livestock.

Welfare Reform

I support welfare reform that will target the truly needy, but will not be a magnet for able bodied or out state individuals who come to our state to sign up for easy welfare benefits.


I support eliminating fraud in our election system by implementing a voter picture ID law.


Legal immigrants have contributed major benefits to our society.  Historically, the U.S. has always been a “melting pot”, assimilating legal immigrants into our culture.  Today, however, illegal immigration threatens both our homeland security and our economic future.  It is bad for our country and for the illegal immigrant themselves.  In some cases illegals are treated as little better than slave labor.  The solution is to secure our borders and enforce our current immigration laws.  I support measures to ensure that immigration is both legal and orderly.


I support the election of judges as written in the Minnesota Constitution and oppose any proposals to eliminate or limit these elections.


As a strong supporter of gun ownership, personal protection and the second amendment, I believe that our right to own and bear arms shall not be infringed, period.



I believe that marriage is defined as the relationship between one man and one woman. The U.S. Constitution and Minnesota Constitution should be amended to reflect this definition. There are over 2500 studies in the social sciences that confirm the economic and social benefits of traditional marriage, for both men and women. Studies also confirm that children especially benefit in numerous ways when raised by a mom and dad.


Protecting Religious Liberty

The First Amendment in our Constitution guarantees our religious freedom. Religious organizations should not be compelled to act in conflict with their religious beliefs or teachings or fear losing their tax exemt status because of their support for specific principles or political candidates (as in the case of ObamaCare mandates). In addition, private individuals, businesses and organizations should have their religious liberties protected if they refuse to solemnize, celebrate, or assist in a same-sex marriage.